We help groups to better organize, make inclusive and effective decisions, facilitate meetings, and problem-solve issues!


We teach workshops on facilitation, community organizing, marketing, fundraising, and even how to create a workshop.


We manage community projects such as Bridging Division, Vision Harvester, and the RNA video streaming project.


We produce events such as Earth Day, Village Building Convergence, and Sustainable Community Convergence.

Eco-munity: Empowering Community Organization


What is Eco-munity?

Eco-munity helps groups and businesses to make decisions with acumen, to facilitate fun and effective meetings, and to market themselves with savvy precision.


What was EcoTV?

We produced two seasons of local TV called EcoTV, produced video of citizen visions for city council as part of VisionPDX, and then produced community projects, leading to the formation of Eco-mUNITY.


How can we help you?

Eco-munity is dedicated to empowering community organization. We can facilitate your meeting, structure your group, market your business, and help you to manage your project or event effectively.


How have we helped others?

We have helped the Richmond Neighborhood Association to measure accomplishments and develop a vision, the Division Design Initiative to make clear decisions, and Community Rights PDX to create an effective structure.

Check Out Our Community Tools

Asset Mapping

We pioneered a way to map the assets of his neighborhood using free and open source tools. Neighbors can represent their needs and assets to one another to build a more resilient community.

Design Guidelines

To help neighbors have meaningful input regarding development that impacts their neighborhood, the Division Design Initiative is creating design guidelines and offering their process as a template.

Public Planter Plans

As part of the Bridging Division project, we created a template for communities to reappropriate the right of way for planter boxes with a design that has received a permit by the City of Portland, and we offer it free for use by anyone.