Cyd Manro and Dwayne Beals founded EcoTV, dedicated to exploring cleaner energy solutions. During 2 seasons of local TV programming, they interviewed Governor Ted Kulongoski, interviewed the Taxi and Limosine commissioner in New York, interviewed electric car innovators, and more.

Dwayne and Cyd were awarded a grant by the city of Portland to livestream monthly meetings of the Richmond Neighborhood Association, and archive them to increase public accessiblity.

Michael Schultz joined Dwayne and Cyd to form Eco-munity. The first project of Eco-munity was to engage Cyd's neighbors to assess neighborhood issues, catalog neighborhood assets, and put together projects to use the latter to solve the former. Hundreds of doors were knocked on, scores of conversations were had, several meetings were organized. This culminated in the Bridging Division project.

Bridging Division continued, resulting in the construction of planter boxes, creation of tile designs, and getting permitted by the city of Portland to install them.

Cyd co-founded Community Rights Portland (CRPDX) Vision: We the people of Portland are exercising our inherent rights: to encourage the uplifting of our human condition, to ensure that the air and water are clean and that the Cascadian bioregion flourishes. Mission: Our mission is to reclaim from corporations the Constitutional rights of people. We exercise our right of local self-government to protect the health, welfare, and dignity of our citizens, our commons, and our future generations.

Cyd produced the Earth Day event for the City of Portland under the umbrella of City Repair at the North Portland campus of Portland Community College. Cyd created a work study program that earned college credit for student volunteers, and taught and implemented dynamic governance for the event production team.

Cyd produced City Repair's Village Building Convergence event, managing scores of volunteer sites and hundreds of volunteers across the city of Portland to create murals, gardens, compost bins, and benches in the public right of way.

Cyd was elected chair of the Richmond Neighborhood Association. During his tenure, he led the creation of a vision, initiated a process to improve the fairness of elections, designed a highly effective skill-building retreat, edited the neighborhood newsletter, and more.

Cyd was elected to sit on the board of the Division Design Initiative committee, collaborating to refine our Design Vision for a growing Division. We built inter-neighborhood coalitions, hosted 20 design committee meetings, conducted design surveys, led walking tours, and created Main Street Design guidelines. These suggestive Design Guidelines have now been adopted for six streets by six neighborhood and business associations and provide a model tool any neighborhood can use for their favorite PDX main street(s).

Launched Social Impact Jam: Feel good while doing good! This events invites participants to socialize with great people, positively impact a public space, engage in self-care, listen to live music, check out live art, and celebrate making a difference together.