Social Impact Jam
Donations help keep the event free for participants, pay artists a fair wage, provide free snacks and beverages for participants, and ensure proper sanitation of equipment. Thank you!

What is Social Impact Jam?
Social: In times like these, it is important for people to relate to and interact with one another and with their community in ways that are healthy and fun.
Impact: It is increasingly important for our actions to affect one another and the spaces we inhabit in positive ways.
Jam: When music, dance, food, and performance are a part of our interactions, creative expression is encouraged, moods are elevated, relationships are strengthened, and community bonds are formed.

Social Impact Jam is an event series held in rotating public locations throughout Portland. Participants work to improve public spaces while guest DJs play music and guest artists paint portraits. There is a self-care station with delicious, healthy snacks, an area with places to sit and rest, and other self-care activities available. Each event culminates in a dance party where participants come together to celebrate their shared effort and positive impact on the space!

COVID protocols: The events are held outside to reduce risk and follow CDC guidelines regarding infection prevention.

Partnerships: Eco-munity is partnering with SOLVE and Portland Parks and Recreation, and is supported by Precipitation NorthWest and Burners Without Borders.

How can you help?

1. Participate! The next event will be on Earth Day 2023! Saturday, April 22, 2023 at Kelley Point Park.
2. Donate! To help us pay artists fairly and offer inclusive, healthy, delicious snacks to help participants feel good while doing good, please give what you can.
3. Spread the word! Tell your friends and family; impress your cat.
4. Contact us!Send us an email to communicate about hosting or participating in a future event.
Guest Artist:

Simran Gleason

Our first guest artist in 2021, Simran Gleason, is a Portland artist and illustrator, mostly working in oil painting. As the Slow Camera Paparazzi, he spends a lot of time painting bands as they play, burlesque performers as they dance, and cosplayers at cons. He also illustrates album covers for local and national bands, and recently did posters for Lark Opera, a nascent underground Opera company.

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Simran Gleason
Guest DJ:


The first guest DJ we scheduled, Ocyris, was born in Egypt and resides in the Pacific Northwest. Ocyris is a Portland based DJ well known for moving the dance floor with his diverse sounds. He is loved for his multi-genre house and bass sets which aim for positive, uplifting, happy, and silly vibes. Spreading love & positive energy with his music, he'll make you dance your heart out while taking you on an inspiring musical journey in every set.

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DJ Ocyris